New Chapter, New Blog

I’m back! But, now I’m at my new, old homebase of Santa Barbara, California. I have officially started my senior year at the University of California, Santa Barbara. And that happened. So. Fast. A year ago today, I was galavanting around the streets of Bergen, Norway, and now, I am studying for midterms for my last Fall quarter ever.

Man, how things have changed. And, wow, how I have changed since then.

I am living in a house on Del Playa with the an ocean view as my backyard, with 16 of my closest friends. Yes, you heard that right, 16 girls…in one house. To answer a few questions that you may have about my new living situation, yes, it’s always crowded, yes, I share a bathroom with five people, and yes, I love it more than anything. It obviously comes with minor inconveniences, but that is nothing compared to the benefits of living oceanside with 16 incredible, amazing, supportive, inspiring women.

COVID-19 has caused all Fall (and future Winter) classes to be online, so we see a lot of each other everyday. It is hard at times, and I know that cabin fever has taken our house by storm quite a few times since we moved in back in June, but we have made the most of these “unprecedented times.” A few highlights of this summer and fall quarter so far have been:

A move-in Hawaiian BBQ with everyone’s families (~games~ included!)
Endless summer days at our “private beach”
A very special birthday Tahoe trip
Hikes when we can take a break from school
And balcony photoshoots whenever we can

It has been an unforgettable time so far, for many reasons aside from the few experiences that I could include here. I hope to write here as much as I can and to use this blog to alleviate stress, develop my writing, and keep everyone who reads this up to date on my life as a senior in college!! (I still can’t believe it every time that I write it.)

Here is a final picture of me and my best friend Hailey dressed up as Mike Pence and the fly for Halloween 2020

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