New Chapter, New Blog

I’m back! But, now I’m at my new, old homebase of Santa Barbara, California. I have officially started my senior … More


Amsterdam was one of the coolest cities that I have been to abroad. This trip was different from a lot … More

Norway? No way!

Legen…wait for it…DARY! Norway was absolutely incredible!!! It was really similar to when we went to Switzerland in September because … More

Portugal. The Country

Well, Switzerland, you definitely have some competition. Portugal is now in contention for my favorite trip of abroad. I had … More

Barthelona and Segovia

This was such a jam-packed and culturally-enriching weekend in Barcelona. Hailey, Elena and I left to meet Hailey’s parents in … More

Holy Toledo!

Week 1 of classes is over and it’s weird to think that I actually have to start doing homework again. … More